Get Your Ducts in a Row

Ahhh, the clouds once again have begun parting, letting in some spring sunshine to thaw any remnants or signs of winter’s hibernation. Even the birds have returned to their nests to serenade you as you stretch out your arms and begin to exit your den. There’s something about the sprouting...

TNT Pawn’s New Store In Arizona Is Open!

TNT Pawn's New Store In Arizona Is Open!   We are proud to announce, TNT Pawn Arizona has moved to a more convenient location to better serve our customers. The new store is currently open at 1950 W Indian School Rd, next to Food City. This new location provides better...

Loan Options We Have For You!

The year is certainly not what any of us thought it would be. With so many of our community members unsure of what tomorrow may bring, TNT Pawn is here to support you. 100% Trade-Up Policy on JewelryEnjoy 100%  trade-in value of original price in Year 1, 75% in Year...

Crecencio Vargas Joins The TNT Pawn Family!

We always love when we can add new members to our TNT Pawn family and we are especially excited to welcome, Crecencio Vargas to the Las Vegas team! Vargas is no stranger to the pawn business, as a previous employee of Super Pawn and working in the industry for 25...

Pawn your guns and jewelry at TNT Las Vegas and Phoenix!

Welcome to TNT Pawn & Jewelry! We’re your one-stop shop in Las Vegas and Phoenix to buy, sell, loan or trade - quickly, conveniently and confidentially. Our spacious stores are bright, clean and stocked with a large inventory of desirable items in great condition. Whatever you need you can likely...

Shop TNT Pawn & Jewelry for Valentine’s Day savings!

Stuck for an idea on what to give your significant other this Valentine’s Day? The solution is in our name: TNT Pawn & Jewelry. We’re the last word in Valentine's Day savings on affordably elegant rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and gold. Finding just the right gift for your special Valentine...

Wide screen TVs now on sale for the Big Game!

The question of where you’re going to watch the Big Game is just as important as who you want to win it. Your enjoyment of the largest sporting spectacle of the year can hinge on factors totally unrelated to events on the field. Like the width of people’s heads. Pick...



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Phoenix, AZ 85015

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Monday/Lunes – Sunday/Domingo :
9AM – 7PM


Herdez Pawn has joined
The TNT Pawn Family located at
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Phoenix, AZ 85042

(602) 277-7296

Monday/Lunes – Sunday/Domingo :
9AM – 7PM


7960 W. Sahara STE. 120
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