Don’t tax yourself wondering where to spend your return. Stop by TNT Pawn & Jewelry!

If you were fortunate enough to receive a bundle of fresh tax return cash this year, please take care of your essentials first. Keeping a roof over your head, your shelves stocked with food, and yourself clothed all take precedent. However, if you had an especially generous windfall and still have enough left over to treat yourself, stop by TNT Pawn & Jewelry!

We have bargain prices on a great selection of high quality items, including gold, fine jewelry, watches, electronics and much more. If you’ve already spent your return and need a little something extra to get you through a lean time, we combine generous loans on your high quality items with pleasingly low rates. We value your business and are here for you as often as you need us! Come in as much as you like and let us assist in making all your financial goals a reality.