Firearm Loans and Sales at TNT Pawn

How TNT Pawn Meets Your Firearm Needs:
  • Purchase a firearm from us
  • Receive a safe & secure low rate collateral-based loan on your firearm
  • Sell us your firearm
  • E 4473 Electronic Background Checks

TNT Pawn offers a wide selections of firearms, including pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, revolvers and semiautomatic weapons, making us the best place to purchase firearms in Las Vegas and Phoenix. At our Las Vegas location you can browse a massive inventory of available firearms through our kiosk.  In Phoenix, shop for your next firearm either in person or through our online store. TNT offers collateral lending on your firearm with a generous 75-percent back on all firearm loans. Ready to just part ways with your firearm?  We pay top dollar for your firearm.  Stop by one of our stores and let our experienced sales associates help you with your firearm needs.



Cash for Your Firearms!

Sell your firearms to TNT Pawn, a safe, legal and hassle-free way to receive cash on the spot and piece of mind. We buy your new, used and unwanted firearms and guide you through the process of doing so safely and legally.  We are interested in a wide variety of firearms including, pistols, handguns, semiautomatic, rifles, shotguns, revolvers and any firearm in-between.  We follow all the rules laid out by the federal government to release your liability and legally transfer ownership.  You can rest assured that selling your firearms to TNT Pawn, will be easy, pain free and you will leave with extra cash and piece of mind.