Get Your Ducts in a Row

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Ahhh, the clouds once again have begun parting, letting in some spring sunshine to thaw any remnants or signs of winter’s hibernation. Even the birds have returned to their nests to serenade you as you stretch out your arms and begin to exit your den. There’s something about the sprouting of greenery that perfumes the air and entices you to quickly recover from the wreckage of another cold season’s past, but upon emerging back into the wilderness, you gasp at the sight of your own wilderness in the yard. Much like our bodies, which we’ve allotted more calories and sleep during colder months, your home has been a bit laissez-faire with its upkeep. Time to roll up your sleeves and nip this one in the bud before your front lawn turns into Grey Gardens. Spring Clean is officially here!

Spring Clean is a daunting task, but those that tackle the chores early can revel in the beautiful weather sooner. And back-breaking work is always nicer while there is still a cool breeze lingering from the colder months to cool off any dripping beads of sweat your manual labor might induce. Before you begin, make sure to optimize your time (and energy) by equipping yourself with the right wisdom and tools to do the job right- and hopefully once. With supply chains reeling from all the chaos of the past few years, our upcycle experts at TNT Pawn will help sort you out for any Spring upkeep you might have in mind. So don’t fork out hundreds of dollars due to inflation or wait exorbitant amounts of time waiting for something to ship that should’ve arrived in 2 days, head over to TNT Pawn and grab an on demand steal on some of those tools.


Light The Way

Before tackling the more significant tasks, ease yourself in by checking this essential box on the Spring Clean checklist: changing your bulbs. Not only will you be able to illuminate your back-breaking work in all its glory, but you’ll also create a safer space to work. With the rise of the smart home, there are so many easy options to fully integrate your exterior landscaping to popular devices like Alexa from Amazon, HomeKit from Apple, etc. Some of these applications are worth checking out and the extra dollars you might have to spend vs. regular halogen bulbs. Not only do these LED lights outlive traditional bulbs by decades, but they are also more efficient energy consumers. Some bulbs also have a few tricks up their sleeve, working in tandem with sensors to automate your lighting designs triggered by an endless array of options such as motion detection, time of day, weather, etc. To offset the steep price of investing in a smart home, check out some of the offerings at TNT Pawn, where you can find an assortment of brand name top-rated smart home devices from smart bulbs to hubs at prices that even the savviest Black Friday shopper will never score. But make sure to do your research first. These ecosystems can get finicky when crossing platforms, with Apple HomeKit being the worst example of that. You don’t have to be a techie, just find some YouTube videos that will walk you through the whole process and distill the information in a way that is understandable. We like the channel Shane Whatley on YouTube as a good jumping off point.

Trim Your Hedges

It may be alarming seeing what a few months in hibernation can do to the state of your greenery. Not only can an unruly garden disfigure the aesthetics of your place, it could pose a hazard. When your hedges grow, your tools should too. So stash those pruning shears and get a chainsaw. Imagine how sexy you’ll look maneuvering that thing so long as your limbs don’t get in the way. And the effort will be drastically minimized when you employ some sheer horsepower.

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Blowing in the Wind

Joe that your picking and prodding has made your garden the talk of the town, clear away your grounds with a good leaf blower. Sure, these things sound like a nuisance, but your hard work will be put to waste if nobody can see it underneath a pile of rubble.

Leaf Blower for Sale at TNT Pawn

All Decks on Hand

A pressure washer is your best friend when it’s time to give the decks a deep clean. Clear all the corners and hard to reach places of cobwebs and dirt and debris collected through the winter months. A pressure washer is also great for removing tough stains on the ground or cleaning out rain ducts. Pay close attention to areas that get maximum people exposure and lounging, and don’t forget to hose down those patio cushions or rugs either.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the workload. Let the visions of bucolic summers sitting on your porch sipping lemonade as you watch the Wysteria humming in the wind be your guide. And make sure to check in at TNT Pawn for the ultimate edge in any backyard project.