Las Vegas customers: Enter our raffle to win a widescreen TV!

If the distance between your TV and couch or chair causes you to frequently get up and walk over to the set for a closer look, there are two solutions:

  1. Move your primary viewing station closer to the TV, or
  2. Get a larger TV

We recommend B for the following reasons:

  1. It is wiser (and easier) to replace your TV than mess with the feng shui of your living room, and
  2. We’re having a raffle for a widescreen TV!

One lucky winner will take home a pre-owned 42-inch HDTV by LG. Just stop by our Las Vegas store and fill out a raffle form between now and Dec. 10. The drawing will be held at our Las Vegas TNT Pawn on Monday, Dec. 11 (see store for details).

Enter for a chance to win a great widescreen TV and see what you’ve been missing!