General Loan Information

We take pride in offering the highest values and the lowest rates on all loans. We take in just about anything of value, we make the process fast and easy, and our staff is first and foremost interested in helping you meet your financial needs. There are no credit checks and no limit to how much you can borrow.

A pawn loan is a collateral-based loan, and the value of the loan is based on the item(s) being pledged as collateral. All loan terms are regulated by the states that each location operates from. Our TNT Pawn locations offer an additional 30 days on our loans as an added benefit.

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Industry Rates

You don’t have to work for us to enjoy TNT employee pricing.  We offer pawn professionals the best industry rates on our wide variety of loans and desirable items, including gold, jewelry, watches, electronics and much more.  At TNT, we believe we’re all a big pawn family even if we don’t work for the same shop.  Stop in today for the best industry rates in the business!


Introducing MobilePawn!

Whatever you need. Whenever you need it.
In a technological society that demands immediate gratification, MobilePawn is an idea whose time is long overdue. The creation of the pawn industry’s first mobile app ushers us into a brave new world of customer service and convenience.
With MobilePawn, you now have access to TNT Pawn through your mobile device in a downloadable app that offers robust functionality and features you’ll just love.
From push notifications and loan reminders to the ability to make payments and keep track of loan transactions and balances, MobilePawn will drastically increase your overall satisfaction.
And of course you’ll have the ability to shop 24/7!

Loan Extension Information

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You Save
Initial Loan
30 Day Extension
Not Offered.

Even if you only loaned $20, your loan can be extended for only 2.60.