Say what? Pawn terminology defined!

Every industry has its own terminology, its own internal lingo if you will, and the pawn business is no different. As a public service, we at TNT Pawn & Jewelry have created this handy terminology guide to assist in your greater understanding of pawn shop methodology. Read on and learn what we mean when we say what you hear!


A pawn is a collateral loan whose value is based on the item or items being pledged as collateral. All loan terms are regulated by the state and the “not to exceed” level on interest and service fees. We take in just about anything of value, made the process fast and easy, and help you meet your financial goals. There is no credit check or limit to how much you can borrow.


For a standard purchase we typically bestow the same value on your item as we would on a pawn loan. The difference between the two is, buys are final and cannot be redeemed at a later date, so if you are interested in getting your item or items back, a pawn loan is the preferred.

If you’re looking to make some quick cash but aren’t sure how, just look around your home. You’d be surprised at the number of items you can sell for an unexpected and much needed windfall.

We are always looking to buy desirable items in great condition, especially jewelry, firearms, watches, gold, and electronics.

A standard purchase typically brings the same value on your item as a pawn loan. Just remember that if you are interested in getting your item or items back, a loan is preferable to a purchase.

All purchases are final and cannot be redeemed at a later date. Call TNT Pawn & Jewelry in Phoenix or Las Vegas or come in and speak to one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives for more information.


The trading of goods has a longstanding tradition in the Americas dating back to the first interaction between natives and settlers/explorers. The exchange of surplus materials for mutual benefit was an object lesson in empathy, trust and smart business that still exists today.

This is certainly true at TNT Pawn & Jewelry, where we offer trade-in on all items. We also have additional generous trade-in programs if you want to swap items that you originally purchased from TNT Pawn for other items in the store.

This is known as our upgrade policy. It typically applies to our jewelry sales, but we will always make our best trade for any items originally purchased with us. Let’s make a deal!


We all know the feeling. You see that special something you just can’t live without and get queasy with excitement. Your stomach flutters in anticipation and your eyes glaze over, imagining the pleasure it will bring as you reach for the prize.

Then, just as suddenly, a sinking realization hits. It dawns on you that not only can you not afford it, but someone who can will surely snap it up and take it home. Noooooo!!!

Don’t’ sweat it. This is why there’s layaway!

If you have your eye on a certain treasure at TNT Pawn & Jewelry but can’t afford it all at once, our layaway program allows you to own it a little at a time. Just put 10 percent down, make easy monthly payments, and pick it up when it’s paid off. It’s all yours!


We are always creating products and services that we believe meet the needs of our customers. In just about every section of our store there are discounts available, free services provided and programs that let you purchase with confidence.

Financial Education

TNT Pawn & Jewelry in Las Vegas and Phoenix is committed to helping you take control of your finances through simple and sensible practices, including budgeting and saving, keeping track of your daily expenditures, and reducing your living expenses.

You’d be surprised how some of the smallest changes can make the biggest difference in your financial wellbeing. Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start living!

We help you manage your account with late notices and one-on-one account reviews (at your request), and also monitor your account activity for added protection.

Come see us at TNT Pawn & Jewelry. We’re here to help!