The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad at TNT Pawn


Take Pride in the Gift You Give Dad This Father’s Day!

Dads just aren’t celebrated enough. That’s the plain sad truth. And while Mother’s Day continues to fuel the majority of a florists’ annual revenue, dads are merely relegated to June, where they are upstaged by caps and gowns and the prospect of summer vacation. The dead beat dad is an antiquated archetype of years past- (albeit some stragglers are still hanging on to the concept.) We have entered the new age of dads, one where we take pride in our daddy issues, celebrate the dad bod, and collectively crave the saccharine of a sugar dad. Below are 5 dad archetypes worthy of a Father’s Day splurge of some stellar upcycled deals that won’t break the bank.


DIY Dad is the quintessential can-do Dad who is always ready to take on a home renovation project. Whether he’s re-staining the deck or destroying it- you can count on this resourceful dad to employ all his tools of the trade. Here are a few to help him along:

Drill at TNT Pawn


Tech Dad

You better hope Alexa doesn’t beat you to greeting your techie dad Happy Father’s Day because this dad can speak smart home in 3 languages: Google, Alexa, and Siri. This dad is so tech forward he’s even willing to sacrifice 5G security just to test his Huawei phone he bought on the black market. Luckily with tech these days, we’ve reached a threshold where innovation can’t keep up the constant onslaught of new models that don’t really do anything new, so take advantage of this and reap the rewards of deep discounts with products like these:

Google Home

Music Eqipment

Simply SafeOutdoorsy Dad

Don’t mistake Outdoorsy Dad for a luddite. Sure, he may have a freezer in the garage full of wild elk meat to last for 2 years or at least 23 episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast, but he is still employing some state of the art technology to acquire said elk. Check out these gadgets to help give your best dad more game in his game meat.


Couch Potato Dad

Help Dad optimize his best dad bod in 4k. This Dad loves entertainment so upgrade his Netflix and chill soon because he’s almost done with the new season of Peaky Blinders. With hundreds of smart TV options, streaming boxes, game consoles and more, your dad will never stop living his best life- even if it’s vicariously through others on TV. Check these deals out:TV


Fashion Dad

Give your thirst trap Dad something new to flex because this dad is living in a material world, a material, a material world. Nothing heralds an authentic mid life crisis more than a watch that’s worth a mortgage and if you’re on a hunt for bougie on a budget- check out these gems: