When You’re All A-Loan

Laptop at TNT Pawn

When You’re All A-Loan

According to FICO, almost 20% of consumers have been 30 days past due in the last 12 months and 17% of the population has paid an auto, credit card, or mortgage at least 3 months late in the last two years. And that’s just counting the people whose FICO scores are even eligible for some kind of financing.

There’s no better reminder of all the systematic injustices plaguing this country than an unforeseen expense. We’ve all been there at some point, that intersection of life happens and you’re out of luck, living in a delicate world of fight or flight where any unplanned catastrophe will quickly disrupt your ability to stay afloat. The stress of poverty alone has been shown to reduce your IQ by 13 points, so you’re already starting at a disadvantage- since our brains behave differently in survival mode. Factor in the predatory nature of our financial institutions, where the poor are taxed egregiously as they navigate and mitigate their financial woes, it’s a daunting task that leaves many with no options for redemption.

Why you should choose Pawn to get cash quick.

For many years the concept of pawn shops have endured many unsavory connotations, mainly from the financially elite who can scoff at the practice as easily as they can obtain loans and other resources with optimal interest rates. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many of us. Fortunately, in the past few years, people have rediscovered all the hidden merits and advantages of pawning due largely to the uptick from Generation Z, whose ethos for upcycle and distrust of traditional lenders has inspired a global reevaluation of the industry. People are savvier about the rollercoaster manipulations and hidden fees a credit card company will entice its customers with, and the consumer has grown weary of it.

With pawning, there are no commitments past your initial loan. No annual credit card fees that your obligated to pay. And most importantly, no approval waiting game to play when time is ticking on your unpaid bills.

Get Cash Fast at TNT Pawn

For instance, If you’re a gig worker and the phone company suspends your service, you’ve lost your only lifeline to making money, since your phone functions as your portal to get new Uber passengers or deliveries. If you even qualify for traditional lending services, good luck finding one that will approve and give you money immediately to restore your services. Enter TNT Pawn. Drop off your laptop to one of their facilities, or just about anything you might find of value in your home and they will use it as collateral to give you an immediate cash loan on the spot. They’ll store your valuables in their state of the art guarded facilities and give you 90 days to repay your loan with a 13% interest rate and $5 processing fee with the ability to extend your terms if you need a little more time. Once you pay off your loan, you will receive your collateral back. For many this has enabled that temporary lifeline to get themselves out of a hole. You’ll also find that they offer competitive rates to purchase your things altogether, if you have a few unused gadgets or jewelry lying around. More so, the new generation is discovering the benefits of shopping second hand and recommerce with its thrill and adventure of finding an incredible deal like a $300 MacBook Pro or a $50 lawn mower that was never even used.

Not everyone has the luxury of an 800 FICO score, or an emergency fund to dip into. Some of us live in the real world, and sometimes that world is unkind and unfair to the disadvantaged. At least at TNT Pawn, another option just opened up.

Laptop at TNT Pawn


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